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Tips and guidelines | How to prepare for a pre-recorded video interview
Tips and guidelines | How to prepare for a pre-recorded video interview
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Congratulations on receiving an invitation to a video interview! To ensure a successful experience, please follow these steps:

  1. Carefully review all video questions presented by the interviewer. You can watch the video questions as many times as you like. You can answer the questions using a computer or a mobile device (tablet, smartphone, laptop).

  2. Confirm that both your camera and microphone are functioning properly. Allow the browser to access the camera and microphone.

  3. Feel free to record your answers using the video interview tool as many times as needed, until you're satisfied with the outcome. You can also record your answers during different sessions.

  4. After completing your responses, submit them and await further communication from the recruiter. They will be in touch with you.

Here are some clear and concise tips to enhance your video interview experience:

  • Light and Background: Ensure sufficient lighting and a tidy background.

  • Quiet Environment: Select a quiet space where interruptions are unlikely.

  • Camera Placement: Set the camera at eye level or slightly higher.

  • Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera while speaking.

  • Mobile Phone Setup: If using a phone, place it on a flat surface for stability.

  • Concise Speaking: Speak succinctly, staying within the specified time limit.

  • Focused Answers: Respond directly to the questions; avoid overloading with unnecessary details.

  • Note Usage: Notes are fine; place them near the camera for easy reference. Avoid reading from paper.

  • Remember that the video interview is like a regular interview. It's not just what you say, it's how you say it, and how your personality stands out. So put on some clean clothes, and look into the mirror before the interview. But don't stress it too much, or overdo it. A tuxedo is not required 😉

You can also find our Candidate Guide here.

Good luck with your video interview!

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