What about security?
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Recright uses proven, industry-standard, security measures to protect your data. Our security features include:

  • HTTPS: All HTTP traffic is encrypted using SSL.

  • Passwords are never stored in clear-text, only irreversible salted-hash versions are retained.

  • Authentication cookies are verified using secure signatures and are not accessible from JavaScript. Users of the service can't access other users' data.

  • Video operations use a cryptographic hash authentication token containing a shared secret to verify both the user and access to the desired operation (playback and/or recording).

  • Firewalls filter all inbound traffic to servers. Strong encryption is required for all system-level access to the servers.

  • Security features provided by the cloud environment provider offer protection against DDoS and MITM attacks and prevent IP spoofing and packet sniffing of internal traffic.

Your data is safe, enjoy your experience!

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