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How can I update my email address on Recright?
How can I update my email address on Recright?
Written by Milla
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If user's email address has changed and the user name needs to be updated, we recommend to create a new user with a new email address. Please note; the previous job ads/interviews will not automatically transfer to new account.

  1. Log in to Recright with your existing user email address and open an active interview.

  2. Invite your new email address to a recruitment team you are a part of. Click "Edit" and choose "Edit recruitment team".

  3. Add email address to recruitment team.

  4. You'll receive an email invitation from Recright ( with a title "Welcome to review candidates". Set up a new password and your new account is ready to use.

  5. Optional: Once new user has been created, you can add the new account to existing interviews/job ads by inviting to recruitment teams via old user account.

You can also ask for the company's main user to create you a new account.

How to upload your videos from video library to your new profile?

  1. Log in to Recright with your old profile.

  2. Open Account Management from top, right corner .

  3. Click "Video Library".

  4. Choose the video you want to move to your new account.

  5. Click “Play”.

  6. Click on the right mouse button and save the video to your device.

  7. Log in to Recright with your new account --> Account Management --> Video Library --> Create new video and upload a new video from your device.

  8. Repeat the steps above to save all your favourite videos.

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