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Live Interview is a video interview conducted in real-time online. In live interview, several interviewers and candidates can participate at the same time.

Create a new interview by clicking the 'Create new'-button.

Interview form setup

1. Type in the interview title.
2. Set up interview start time and time zone.
3. Add interviewers e-mail addresses. As a creator of the live interview, you will be an interviewer by default .
4. Add the candidates e-mail addresses.
5. Choose the interview language, this will also determine the language of the invitation message .
6. You may modify the default invitation message before sending it.
7. Send invitations to candidates by clicking "Create".

Live Interview

The candidate will receive an e-mail with a link and a room code to enter the interview.

You and the candidate can participate in the interview remotely, and all you need is a webcam or a modern mobile device and Internet connection.

Recright Live operates in the following browsers:
- Chrome, Firefox and Safari 11 or newer

Mobile support:
- Android: Firefox and Chrome browsers
- iPhone/iPad: iOS 11 or later with Safari-browser

Once you are entering the interview, the system will check that the browser and the camera/microphone are working.

Click "Siirry haastatteluun" and wait for other's to join the interview.

There is a possibility to chat with the candidates in a public chat and you can make notes only visible to you.

You may also record the interview by clicking the red "Rec"- image. Once done with the interview, the recording can be found on Recright tool's interview page.

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