Creating a job-ad
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Create a new job ad on Recright dashboard by clicking 'Create new' in the Job Positions- section.

First, fill in the basic information about the job position. Enter the title of the job, location, language of the job add, the publication date of the ad and the end date of the application round.

The position will automatically become public on the set publication date, and close on the set end date. If you do not enter an end date, the job advertisement will remain open indefinitely. Include a job description in the job advertisement, explain what duties are included, and the salary you provide. It's also a good idea to add your contact information, in case the candidate has questions about the position.

You can include an employer video in the job ad. An employer video is a short description of your company. It is an easy way to present your corporate culture and to improve your image as an employer.

Then, it's time to decide what you need to know about the candidates. You can make the application form fields optional or compulsory to fill in. If you ask candidates to submit links or attachment files, ensure that the job-ad explains what additional information you want the candidates to provide. Name and email are always compulsory to fill in. It's possible to add your own questions as well.

You can choose to ask one video question in connection with a job advertisement. This will give you a more extensive understanding of the candidates at the application stage.

After you have saved the job-ad, you can edit it by clicking the 'Edit job'-button.

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