Screening and shortlisting

Assessing candidates

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When a candidate responds to a job ad or video interview, his or her profile will appear on the candidate list page. You can open the candidate’s profile to review more detailed information and watch the candidate's response videos. You can also see when the candidate last visited the interview.

Comments & classifications

  • Comments: When watching the videos, you can make notes for your colleagues in the field provided for comments.

  • Tags: You may also use tags to categorise the candidates, such as #passed or #Helsinki

  • Competencies: Additionally, you are able to rate the candidate’s competences from 1 to 5. There is a list of default competences as well as an option of adding your own.

  • Star rating: After you’ve seen the answers, in addition to comments, you can also give stars to the candidates.

Recruitment stages

Once the candidates have been evaluated, you can choose to move them further down the hiring process to keep yourself and your colleagues constantly up-to-date on your decisions concerning the candidate. You will find different stages from the top of the screen:

  • Choose “Proceed” if you wish to continue the process with the chosen candidate

  • Choose “Personal Interview” to book a personal interview

  • Choose “Schedule a meeting” once the personal interview is complete successfully. You can pick the available slots for the candidates to choose from and a suitable time frame.

  • Depending on the situation you can move the candidate to either “Hired”, “Rejected” or “Withdrawn” at any point during the application process.

These stages are the default ones in Recright, if needed, feel free to make necessary changes.

Please note that candidates cannot see the comments, tags, stars or stages you give them. While making a video interview, you can also delete or re-invite individual candidates, or ask extra questions through this page.

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