Candidate management
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When the candidates have given their answers and all the interviewers have provided their assessments and comments, it’s time to start selecting the candidates. For example,

  • You can organize them by the number of stars they received or keep them in a chronological order.

  • Use the search function to find their names, email addresses or candidates with certain tags.

  • Filter- function allows for you to filter candidates based on e.g. their home town

  • You can also filter the candidates based on their stage by clicking on the appropriate stage in the pipeline.

Changing the stage of a candidate

You can select several candidates and change their stage eg. from new to proceed. Different stages help you to keep track of which candidates you have eg. evaluated and which not.

Communication with candidates

By clicking "Send message"-button you end up to a view where you can select what kind of message you want to send to the candidates. For example, you can send a video message to all candidates who made it to the next round or the other way round, to the ones who did not make it to the next round.

Different statuses of the candidates:

In Recright candidates have different statuses depending on whether they have been invited, completed or visited the interview. Below you'll find explanations:

Invited = Candidate has been invited to a video interview, but has not yet visited the interview

Completed = Candidate has completed the interview, also the last seen date appears (eg. Last seen 7th Oct 2022 12:40). Also a picture of the candidate appears to the candidate profile.

Visited = candidate has visited the video interview or started the interview but but has not completed the in (eg. Last seen 20th Oct 2022 08:38)

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