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Unless you’re recruiting on your own, it’s good to invite your colleagues to join in assessing the candidates. Interviewers and those seeing the answers will need user accounts for Recright. Candidates don't need user accounts.

You can invite your colleagues to join at 'Edit team'. Add their email addresses one at a time and your colleagues will receive email invitations to assess the candidates. Your colleagues can create their user accounts and passwords when logging in to the service for the first time.

Other interviewers can also add their own questions to a video interview as long as the candidates haven’t been invited yet.

The interviewers you invite will receive the same user rights as you, but as the owner of the interview or job position you’ll be the only one who can delete the entire interview or job position. All interviewers may invite other interviewers to join. You will always receive an email notification to know what is happening in the interview or job position you have created.

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