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Set up Google G-Suite as your SAML identity provider
Set up Google G-Suite as your SAML identity provider
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Here's a walk-through of setting up Google G-suite as your SAML Identity Provider. This allows your team to log into Recright without a having to create new accounts, they just log in to your Google account.

SAML is one of the most popular solutions for putting single sign-ons to use in businesses.

Get started

As an administrator on your Google account go to your Google G-suite admin page and choose "SAML apps".

Click the "Plus" sign in the bottom right to add a new SAML app.


Click "Setup my own custom app" near the bottom of the window.


Choose "Option 2", download your IDP metadata. Send it to Recright support on

NOTE: When you send across your IDP metadata, be sure to tell us whether you're setting up SAML for your customers or for your team members.

Support will respond with URLs that are unique to your account and will be used in the next steps.


Set "Recright" as the Application Name. Download our official logo below and upload to Google.


Enter the ACS URL and Entity ID URLs that Recright support provided into the form below.

  • Name ID Format: EMAIL

  • Start URL: Leave empty

  • Name ID: Select "Basic Information" and "Primary Email"


Switch your new SAML App "ON for everyone".


After these steps notify support@recright that you are ready to switch on SAML Login.

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