Recording a high-quality video question
Written by Milla
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  1. Begin by creating a new video question by clicking the button for recording a new video question. Your camera will now be in preview mode.

  2. At this point it’s good to check some basic things; you are in a well-lit space and clearly visible in the video, and there is no bright light behind you. Keep the camera at the height of your eyes and look straight at the camera.

  3. Some background noise is alright, as long as your voice is clearly audible. Start the video recording by pressing the red 'Record'-button. When the recording is on, speak clearly and audibly and then push the 'Stop'-button.

  4. Press the "Play" button to see what you just recorded. Make sure that your voice is audible. If necessary, speak more clearly, adjust the volume settings or go to a space with better acoustics. You can make the video as many times as you like.

  5. Remember to name your videos and unselect ‘Question can be answered’ in the Welcome and Thank You videos.

  6. Once you’ve made the videos, you can save them in favourites by clicking the "heart" icon in the top left corner.

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