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How to reset questions for a timed video interview?
How to reset questions for a timed video interview?
Written by Milla
Updated over a week ago

Interview's recruitment team members in Recright can reset interview questions for candidates in a timed video interview.

  1. Open candidate's profile in Recright. You can search the candidate's profile by using the Search- field.

  2. Choose the correct question. In this example case, candidate wants to retake question "Presentation". Click "Delete candidate response".

  3. Confirm by clicking "Ok". Please note that once the answer is reset, it can't be undone.

  4. Candidate's answer has now been removed, and you can see the field "No response".

  5. You can confirm to the candidate the answer has been removed, and they can retake the question.

    The candidate needs to perform Network & Quality test again to access the interview question. The candidate can access the interview via the same link as before.

  6. Once a video answer has been removed, it's visible in candidate's action log.

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