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How to modify an existing video interview?
How to modify an existing video interview?
Written by Milla
Updated over a week ago

It is possible to modify the video interview only, if candidates have not yet been invited to the interview. Please remember to send yourself a test invitation to check that the interview looks as expected before inviting the candidates.

  1. To modify the interview, open the interview, and click "Edit" -> "Edit interview"

  2. You can make changes to interview form setup (name and email address are always required)

  3. If you wish to add your video questions, scroll down to "Interview questions".

    There are four different ways you can create the video interview questions:

    • You can record the interview question on the spot

    • You can upload an already existing video from your device by clicking “Upload”.

    • You can select a video you’ve recorded previously from your video library. Simply choose the video you like by toggling the “Add” button and pressing “Add videos”.

    • You can have the question as a plain text instead of a video.

    • Once the videos are ready, remember to set if candidate needs to answer the question.
      (when the indicator is green, candidate can answer the question, and when the indicator is grey, candidate is not able to answer)

    • You can reorder questions by clicking "Reorder questions"

  4. If you need to reopen interview/extend deadline, you can click "Open until" and modify the date. If the interview has already closed, remember to open it by clicking "Open it" (as demonstrated below)

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