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Written by Milla
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As a recruiter, you and your recruitment team will receive notifications via email, when a candidate has responded to a video interview, if there are new comments on the candidate's profile, or if candidate answers to your video message.

The email contains a link from which you can access directly to view candidates video answers, or comments.

If several candidates have responded, you can recognize new answers by the red circle around the candidate in Recright's dashboard.

Please note that this feature is enabled when you are logged out from Recright for over an hour.

There are two options for this feature:

Option 1: "Turned on" : every Recright user in the company gets notified via email if a candidate has responded to an interview. This might cause unnecessary spam.

Option 2: "Turned off": no one in the company gets notified about new video responses. Status of candidates needs to be checked from the customer's ATS. This is more popular option.

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