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Step-by-step guide on how to conduct a pre-recorded video interview
Step-by-step guide on how to conduct a pre-recorded video interview
Written by Milla
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Here's a step by step- guide, how to navigate through your pre-recorded interview.

Please note that this instruction is for a regular video interview.

  1. Scroll down the invitation message and open the link (at the end of the invitation message) to your interview by clicking "Submit your video responses".
    If the link doesn't work, you can copy the link below and attach it to URL.

  2. Once you enter the interview page, a pop up about cookies will appear:

  3. Once the cookies have been accepted, please read and accept Privacy Policy before providing us your personal data. The questions are available for viewing after the Privacy Policy has been accepted.

    To accept the privacy policy, please click the small square, as demonstrated in the picture below.

  4. Provide your personal information required on the webpage, such as name (phone number etc.) Please note that items marked with an * asterisk are mandatory.

  5. Now, it is time to get to know the questions! You can view the questions by clicking the Play- image (the small arrow, as demonstrated below). It's possible to view the question as many times as you wish.

  6. Once you are ready to start recording, click "Record your response"

  7. When you click 'Record your response', the webpage will ask for a permission to use your camera and microphone. Choose 'Allow'. After this, the camera and microphone are activated on the website and you can start recording.

  8. When you have checked that everything is ready, click "Record".

  9. The counter will count 3-2-1 and then you can start answering to the presented question.

  10. Click "Stop", when you're ready with your answer.

  11. You can review your response by clicking the small arrow.

After this, there are two options:

'Retake' deletes the previous video and allows for you to record your answer again right away.

'Remove take' deletes your answer.

You can also leave your answer as it is and it will be saved as a draft- version. Draft- versions are not sent to recruiter. You can come back to your interview later via the same link.

Once all of your answers are ready, remember to check that the sound and video are working. Then it is time to send the answers to the recruiter, and close the interview by clicking 'Send answers and close interview'. Remember to wait a couple of seconds and click 'Confirm'.

After confirmation, you will see the following screen.

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