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Introduction for hiring managers
Written by Milla
Updated over a week ago

As a hiring manager, you don't need credentials to Recright to view candidate's videos. You will receive an email from your colleague with a direct link to view candidate's videos. Simply click 'See introduced candidate(s)' to access the videos.

Keep in mind that the link for introductions will remain accessible for 10 days. In case you require additional time, feel free to reach out to the person who sent you the introduction link.

You can navigate between candidates by clicking the candidate's profile, as shown below.

You can view each video question, and the answer by clicking the Play- button.

Once you have viewed the candidate's answers, you can rate the candidate with a star- rating at Competencies and compatibility- section. Your rating is visible for all members of the recruitment team.

You can give a rating for all the competencies separately, and the system will calculate overall- rating for the candidate, which includes your colleagues ratings as well.

Once you are completed evaluating the candidates, you can close the tab, and your rating is automatically saved.

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