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Successfactors & Recright Integration Guide
Successfactors & Recright Integration Guide
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Using the integration in Successfactors

This section describes the usage of the integration in Successfactors once it has been configured in the Successfactors tenant and in Connector.


One or more video interviews have been created in Recright. These interviews are automatically transferred to Successfactors. A new interview created in Recright should be visible in Successfactors within three minutes. If you’re not seeing the Recright interviews in Successfactors, contact your Recright contact person.

General workflow steps

  1. Create a job requisition in Successfactors and select a Recright interview for it. This is the Recright interview the candidates on the job requisition will be assigned to.

  2. Add a candidate to the job requisition. Drag them to the ‘Recright Interview’ status to assign them to the Recright interview specified in the job requisition.

  3. Once the candidate is in the Recright interview stage, they will automatically be emailed with an invitation to the Interview by Recright. Their job application in Successfactors is also updated to display an ‘Invited’ status.

  4. This is the candidate’s view. They will receive an invitation email such as this one (the recruiter can edit the invitation template in Recright). The candidate will then navigate to Recright and complete the video interview.

  5. Once the candidate has completed the interview, their job application in Successfactors will be updated again. This time a status of ‘completed’ will be added and the ‘Recright interview URL’ field is updated with a link to the finished interview. Clicking this link will navigate you to Recright where you can view the candidate’s interview. Anyone who has access to the application can access the Recright interview. The users don’t need accounts in Recright when reviewing candidates as we are using JWT token to authenticate them. JWT token is included in the URL of the link and is updated every time the page reloads.

  6. With proper configuration in the Successfactors suite, a candidate's Recright status can be displayed in the candidate list. This way you can easily keep track of their statuses.

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