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Reachmee & Recright Integration Guide
Reachmee & Recright Integration Guide
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With our Reachmee integration, it takes just a few simple clicks to invite candidates to record a video interview.

If the integration isn’t enabled in your account yet, reach out to your contact at Reachmee to get your Reachmee ID and deliver it to to get your API key that you then deliver to your Reachmee contact for integration activation.

Creating the interview in Reachmee

Start by creating a project. Within the project you can create a folder (stage) for Recright Video Interview.


Next navigate to Application Procedure and select Video Questions from the dropdown menu.


How to add video interview questions

There are 4 different ways you can create the video interview questions:

  1. You can record the interview question on the spot

  2. You can upload an already existing video by clicking “Upload”

  3. You can select a video you’ve recorded previously from your video library. Simply choose the video you like by toggling the “Add” button and pressing “Add videos”.

  4. You can have the question as a plain text instead of a video

Recording the video on the spot

If you record your questions in the spot, press click to record the question and after that enter the video title meaning you question. After that press record and 3-2-1 start speaking. After you´re done, you can either save it or re-record it by clicking the record button. You can re-record the question as many times as you wish.

Once you have your videos ready, remember to add a title to your Video Questions.


Inviting candidates to a video interview

Once your candidates reach the Recright Video interview stage, you can either send them invitations in bulk or individually. To send invitations to all, select all and in the Action button select Invite to video questions.


In the next window, you can select to review the invitation email or just send out the invitation.


To send out the invitation individually, select the candidate and from the dropdown next to their image select Invite to video questions.


Review candidate status and answers to video questions

Once a candidate has answered the video interview questions, their status will update on the project.


To review the answers, navigate to the candidate profile and see Video Questions.


What personal data does Reachmee send to Recright?

Candidate’s email address.

Note: Reachmee does not save any personal data from Recright.

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