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No network connection to video server
No network connection to video server
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Here are solutions for connection problems when using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari browsers. These browsers are using Flash-plugin, combined with a firewall, it can cause network connection problems.

No connection for video or it is buggy

One common reason for connection problems are network firewalls. Corporate firewalls are often set up to restrict outbound video connections. In such case, our service tries to use an alternate route, which is significantly slower.
If you are unable to get any connection or the video seems to be slow or gets stuck, this might be the issue. Please contact support(at) for any questions related to connection issues.

Firewall configuration

Small configurations needs to be done, which will allow the use of what is called the RTMP protocol (between your company network and our server). To be more exact, it is a connection to TCP port 1935 at IP-address (
For corporate users, the IT department can do this configuration, it is entirely secure and easy to implement.

Try another network or browser

You can try another network for connecting to Corporate users can for example try a guest-wlan.
Try also with another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer). The browser may have been setup to use a proxy that doesn't allow video connections.

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