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Instructions how to set up a timed video interview on Recright

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In timed video interview, the candidates record their responses for the interview questions in a limited and preset time frame. As a recruiter, you can set the time to both response and preparation for each question. You can also set the number of takes for the candidate.

When to use timed video interview?

  • Perfect for language skill testing

  • Testing some other skill → no time to check the answer from Google

  • You want to get a more spontaneous response with limited practising

  • Good way to test how candidates operate under pressure

What are they key differences of timed vs. regular pre-recorded interviews?


Where to find the timed interview?

Choose "Timed video interview" when creating a new interview:

*If not visible, functionality is not turned on for your company. Reach out to HR of your company/ Recright

Timed video interview settings

1. Start creating your interview by typing the "Interview Title" and "Location".

2. Choose the publishing date and time. Note that the candidates cannot access the video interview before the publishing date.

3. Choose open until date and time, which is the deadline for the candidate to submit the video interview.

4. Choose time zone and interview language.

5. Interview form setup has two mandatory fields; Name and e-mail address. You can also determine whether phone number, city, attachments or links are "not asked", "optional" or "required". You may also add additional form fields by tapping "Add a new form field".

6. The interview questions can be either video questions or text questions.

7. You may record a question video right on the spot by clicking "Click to record a question" or you may choose a video from Video Library "Select from Library" or you may upload a video from your device by clicking "Upload"

8. Once videos are uploaded, it is time to set the following:

Preparation time: The time for the candidate to prepare for the following question (30 seconds to 3 minutes)
Answer time: The answer time for the candidate (30 seconds to 5 minutes)
Number of takes: The number of retakes for the candidate (1 to 3 retakes)
You have the option to choose whether or not the videos can be replied to (e.g. Welcome/Thank you- videos)

We recommend 3-4 questions per timed interview. Please note, that once the candidates have been invited to the interview, the interview can't be modified.

From Candidate's perspective:

  1. Candidate receives an invitation to the timed video interview via e-mail

  2. Before participating in the interview, candidate needs to pass a network connection and a device test

  3. If the test is passed, candidate can continue to the interview

  4. Once the interview has started, there is no returning back

In case a candidate or you need support, we'll help you at support(at)recright.com

Network and device test

Once the candidate is entering the interview, the system will perform a Network connection and a device test.
The test will make sure that candidates network connection and hardware (camera and microphone) are working properly. The test will take approximately 30 seconds. Any issues with the test are usually due to internet connection issues/camera or microphone has not been allowed on the website.

If the candidate wishes to retake the entire interview or specific questions, you can delete candidate's answers in Recright, if needed.

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