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Introducing candidates
Written by Milla
Updated yesterday

When you are making a video interview and only want to introduce a few of the candidates to a colleague or customer, use the 'Introduce'-function.

This is a useful function for recruitment consultants or if HR wishes to perform the first qualification and present only the selected candidates to supervisors.

​​Anyone receiving an introduction invitation do not need to create a user account for Recright to evaluate candidates. The person who receives the introduction invitation will only see the selected candidates and will not be able to modify the video interview.

You can protect the introduction group with a passcode, which you can enable by choosing the option before sending the introduction. Please note, that the passcode is single use. If you forget the code, please generate a new passcode and resend the introductions.

You can delete other interviewers and those invited for introductions from the interview through 'Edit team' and 'Edit introductions'. This way you can introduce a candidate first to one client and then to a second one if the first one wasn't interested.

The applicant introduction link is valid by default for 10 days, but this can be customized on a company level. If you wish to modify this, please contact

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