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How to get credentials for a colleague

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There are three different ways to set up your Recright account.
Please note that registration is only for recruiters and hiring managers.

If you are a candidate, and have received an invitation for a video interview, you don't need to sign up.

Option 1: Register your account on our website

Please note, Option 1 is only available if you are the first Recright- user of your organisation. If this is not applicable, contact the main user of your organisation or ask for your colleague to add you to a Recruitment Team or contact us at support(at)

1. Click 'Log in' at the top right corner.


2. Click 'Register' under the 'Log in to the service' -button.

3. Type in your work email address and click 'Sign up'

4. After clicking 'Sign up', you'll receive following email to complete your registration.

5. The last step is to set your password. Once this stage is completed, your registration is completed.

Great! Now, go to, click 'Log in', fill in your email and password and click 'Log in' and you are ready to go. These articles might be helpful for the next phase.

Option 2: You receive an invitation to a recruitment team from your colleague

You receive an email invitation to a recruitment team from your colleague

Your colleague might add you as a recruitment team member in order to hear your feedback about the selected candidates.

In this case, you'll receive an email invitation from Recright with a title "Welcome to review candidates". Before getting access to the interview, you need to create your account. Follow the instructions of the email.

Option 3: The main user of your organisation adds you as Recright- user

You will receive the following email (as shown below) to complete your registration.

Create yourself a password (as shown below) and click 'Log in to the service'. After this you'll be able to login Recright. You can access to your profile here.

How to login?

Your email address is your user account. Once you have your user account and password, you can use the service when and where you like! Click "Log in"-button in order to access your account.


Your account

In the top right corner next to your name you will find the settings icon. Click account management and you'll get access to make changes to your own account.

You can find information about your account and change your password from 'My Account'-page below menu.

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