Create a new interview by clicking the 'Create New video interview'-button.


Interview form setup

Type in the title of the position you are creating as well as the location of the workplace. For the remote positions, type in the location of your main office. Choose the deadline date by which the candidate must submit their video answers, including the language and the time. If you do not select a date of expiry, the video interview remains open indefinitely.

About five days is often enough, and Monday is a better deadline day than Sunday. You can also add the employer logo and background image which will be displayed in the invitation. Candidates can see your logo both in the invitation message and in the answer mode, together with the background image.


You also need to choose the interview language and decide what information to request from the candidates. Name and email address are the only two mandatory fields to be filled in by the candidate. If you want additional information like phone number or city you can make them as optional or required fields. Additionally, if you are asking your candidates to submit a CV or share a link to their websites, portfolios, social media accounts, you can include them as optional or required as well.

How to add video interview questions

There are 4 different ways you can create the video interview questions:

  1. You can record the interview question on the spot

  2. You can upload an already existing video by clicking “Upload”

  3. You can select a video you’ve recorded previously from your video library. Simply choose the video you like by toggling the “Add” button and pressing “Add videos”.

  4. You can have the question as a plain text instead of a video


Recording the video on the spot

If you record your questions in the spot, press click to record the question and after that enter the video title meaning you question. After that press record and 3-2-1 start speaking. After you´re done, you can either save it or re-record it by clicking the record button. You can re-record the question as many times as you wish.

How many questions should I record?

Don’t record too many questions to avoid the interview fatigue both for yourself and the candidate. Try to keep it to 5-6 questions including a welcome video, 3 to 4 position specific questions, and a thank you video.

What kind of questions to record?

In the welcome video it is good to give instructions for the candidates for example about the desired length of the video answers. The most popular length is 1 minute answer per video, but again you decide the desired length. Feel free to give other instructions, congratulate the candidate about proceeding to this phase or wish good luck for the video interview.

You can also choose whether you want your interview questions to be answered or not by toggling the “Question can be answered” button. For example: if your welcome video does not include a question, turn the “Question can be answered”-button off. If you wish to change the order of the questions, choose “Reorder questions” above your interview questions and simply drag and drop them into the order you like.

You might finally want to thank the candidates for their answers and explain how the application process is going to progress. This way, the candidates will know that someone is going to contact them later.

Need more ideas? Check our Blog Post of "10 Video Interview Questions Ideas".


You can add, delete or organize videos until you've sent the first invitation. Remember to name the videos so that the candidates will remember which question they are answering.

After you have added all the questions, click save in order to proceed to the next phase.

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