How to invite candidates
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Once the questions for the video interview are ready, it's time to invite the candidates to participate in the interview and your colleagues to assess them.

First, click the 'Invite candidates'-button, as demonstrated below.

The invitation message will pop up. The invitation message template contains all necessary information about the video interview but you can make changes to the template in this view.

Enter the candidates’ email addresses in the appropriate field. You can also copy and paste several email addresses at the same time. The invited candidates will receive their personal invitations and they can't see other candidates’ email addresses.

Editing the invitation

If you want to edit the default invitation email later, just click 'Edit' --> 'Edit invitation email' and make the changes to the email. We recommend you to save your edited email as a template. Please note that templates can currently only be saved per video interview / position.

Saving invitation email as a template

If you make changes to the invitation email and you wish to save it as a default, you can do so by clicking the "Save message as template" -button which appears under your name after your edits. Please note that invitation email templates are video interview specific.

Sending invitations by SMS

If you have the text message feature enabled in Recright, you can send invitation messages to candidates by SMS. Fill in the candidate's phone numbers, and edit the message, if needed. You can also send text message invitations later if you don't wish to send them at the same time as the email invitations.

Invite yourself to the interview and make sure that everything works well

Did you know that you can invite yourself to the interview before inviting the candidates? This way, you will receive the invitation by email, you can answer the questions and make sure that everything is working as expected. If you wish to make changes to your interview, you can simply delete your test profile and modify the interview again.

Once you’ve sent the invitations to candidates, you can start expecting their answers.

Once a candidate has answered, their photo will appear instead of the gray icon.

Notifications about new answers

All interviewers will receive an email message about new answers. However, you will not receive new messages from an interview until you’ve visited Recright to see answers from the interview.

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