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You can find 'User Management' under 'Account management'.

As an admin user, here you can add or remove company's users, and manage their permissions. For example, you can manage who can create job positions.

Adding a new user

You can add new users by clicking 'Add new users' and adding their email address. Define which permissions the new users have. The recipients will receive a message to create their accounts.

Deactivating a user account

You can deactivate users profile by clicking 'Deactivate' in Actions column. Once the user has been deactivated, the user is no longer able to login to Recright.

Reactivating a user account

You can view your company's deactivated users by clicking 'Show deactivated users'. If you wish to activate user's profile again, just simply click 'Activate'.

Hidden positions

If needed, you can hide individual job positions from certain users by clicking the 'Hidden positions'-link in the Actions column. Just click 'Hide' and the user won't be able to view the job position/interview.

Modifying company default permissions​

You can manage default permissions for users from 'Show company default permissions'-link. When a new user is created, they will be given the default permissions of the company (e.g. permission to create interviews)

User permissions

You can modify an individual user's permissions by clicking on 'Edit user permissions'. After this, you can choose which permissions you want to grant/remove for that user.

In Recright, it's possible to provide the following rights:

See all positions

  • With this right, the user can see all interviews and job positions created within the organization.

Create job position

  • Right to create a job position using Recright's light recruitment system.

Create interviews

  • Right to create Recright video interviews.

Edit company profile

  • Ability to modify organization settings (name, logo, header banner, branding settings, company's recruitment stages, and default competencies).


  • Ability to view information concerning the company's current contract, such as the contract start date, contract level, contract price, billing cycle, and the next billing date.


  • Ability to view Recright usage within a specific timeframe. Reporting includes details such as the interview creator, interview creation date, interview name, number of invited applicants, visitors in the interview, and the number of applicants who responded. The response rate is also visible.

User management

  • Ability to add new Recright users

  • Ability to deactivate Recright accounts

  • Ability to modify default company rights

  • Ability to modify existing users' rights

  • Default rights: Rights granted to new Recright users.

User's email address changes

Please note, that if users' email address has changed, and the user name needs to be updated, we recommend to create a new user name with the new email address. Please note; the previous job ads/interviews will not automatically move to new account.

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