Under 'User Management', you can add and remove recruiters and manage their permissions. For example, you can manage who can create job positions.

In the page you see all the company users and their permissions. If needed, you can hide individual job positions from certain users by clicking the 'Hidden positions'-link in the user's row.

In this view, you can deactivate user profiles. Just simply click "Deactivate" and the user cannot login to Recright anymore. You can view deactivated users by clicking "Show deactivated users".


You can manage default permissions from 'Show company default permissions'-link. Here you can adjust what default permissions a user will get when his/her account is created.


If user's email address has changed and the user name needs to be updated, we recommend to create a new user name with the new email address. Please note; the previous job ads/interviews will not automatically move to new account.

Once new user name has been created, you can add new account to existing interviews/job ads by inviting to recruitment team via old user account.

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