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Add your company-specific invitation email template and make sure candidates recognise it's you sending the invitation with the right tone of voice and instructions. The company-specific invitation email will automatically be the default invitation email for all your future Recright Video Interviews. If needed, invitation email can be edited per video interview.

  1. Open Account Management -> Organisation settings -> Email templates

  2. Choose language for your template and give the template a name. The template name is not visible for the candidates.

  3. Edit the interview subject and message. Please leave the contact details of Recright support team. Edit name, if needed.

  4. Preview the template and click "Save".

  5. Email template colors can be customised on the organisation's branding settings page.


  • If you are using Recright through an integration, you need to log in to Recright natively at in order to craft the templates.

  • You need to have "edit company info" permission to be able to make changes.

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