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Organisation Settings for Admin User
Organisation Settings for Admin User

Organisation Settings, Competencies, Stages, Branding

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Organisation Settings

In Organisation profile- page, you can set the default head banner, and logo for job ads/video interviews. You can also set default career site language, and URL, if you have job positions enabled.

You can add a background image by clicking 'Add background image'. Recommended banner image size is 1440px*320px or higher.

You can add an organisation logo by clicking 'Select logo'

You can find Organisation profile by opening 'Account Management' and selecting 'Organisation Settings' -> 'Organisation profile'.


Here you can define default competencies for your company that can be used in every job ad and interview.

You can use competencies and compatibilities to rate the candidates. These values can be found in the candidate cards and they are not visible to the candidates.


In the 'Stages'-page, you can define default recruitment stages for your company's positions.

Stages are a part of the recruitment pipeline that helps you track the candidates through the recruitment process.


If your organisation has branding enabled, you can adjust the visual layout of the interviews, job positions and career page.

You can change individually the fonts and change multiple different colours. You can see the results in the preview box.

Please note that changes to the branding will not affect the colors and fonts on the admin side. They will, however, be visible to the candidates.

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