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Talentadore & Recright Integration Guide
Talentadore & Recright Integration Guide
Written by Milla
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Important: If the integration isn’t enabled in your account yet, please contact Talentadore or Recright.

In Talentadore, you can easily add a video question to your job application phase and/or add a video interview- phase to recruitment process.

In this article, we will guide you to create a video interview on Talentadore.

  1. You can add the video interview to your recruitment flow on the front page of Talentadore. Choose the position on the front page and click the three small dots in the column. Choose "Add video interview" (as demonstrated below)

  2. The following pop up will appear -> Click "Confirm".

  3. On the following page you can;

    • Set up deadline for the video interview. This is the date when the applicant's video interview link will expire. Click on "Deadline" and select a suitable date from the calendar (we recommend approximately 5 days). You can also leave the section open if the deadline is not yet known.

    • In this view, you can modify the invitation message for the candidates. You can edit the message directly in the invitation message template, and save it as a message template for this specific position.

    • Add an introduction video, and video/text questions for the interview. You can record a new question directly by clicking on 'Click to record a question'. Remember to allow for the website to use your camera and microphone for successful recording.

    • You can also upload previously recorded videos by choosing 'Select from library', or upload a video directly from your device. Remember to give your videos a title. You can also save the recorded video in your own video library by clicking the white heart icon in the top left corner of the video.

  4. Once the video interview questions are ready, make sure to check that each video question is set up for answerability or not. The example below shows how the checkmark is set, if the applicant should answer the question.

  5. When everything is ready, click 'Save'.

  6. Next step is to invite the candidates to the video interview. Choose the selected candidate(s) for next round, and move them to the 'Video interview'- stage, confirm the sending, and they will receive a video interview invitation via email.

    Please note that once the invitations have been sent, you can't modify the questions for the interview.

  7. Once the candidate has participated in the video interview, you can view the answers at "Video interview"- tab.

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