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Talentadore & Recright: How to add an application video for a job ad
Talentadore & Recright: How to add an application video for a job ad
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You can add a video application to Talentadore as a part of your recruitment flow provided by Recright.

Talentadore's seamless integration enables to add one video question to any job ad.

Before adding the video application to your job ad, please confirm with the admin user that your company has Recright subscription. If your organisation does not have an on-going subscription/single hire, the organisation will be invoiced according to current price list.

If your organisation is not yet using the video functionalities, contact Talentadore at

​Start by choosing the job ad in 'Positions'- view and select 'Enable video application' by clicking the dropdown menu (as demonstrated below).

​A confirmation pop up will appear once you're about to enable the video application:

You can add a video application question in four different ways: as a text question, as a recorded video question, by selecting a video question from video library, or by uploading a video directly from your device.

You can set the video application question optional, or mandatory.

Leave the deadline field blank if it is not yet known. However, it is important that the video application remains open for the same amount of time as the job posting.

All users who have access to the recruitment process can edit the video application question. Please note that you're not able to make changes to the question after the first application has been submitted.

After the job ad has been published, applicants can record and submit a video response as part of their job application. Applicants' video responses will appear in TalentAdore in the "Overview" section of the applicant view.

If you have any questions or need help with the functionality, you can reach out to Talentadore or Recright.

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