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Issues with sound ๐Ÿ”‰

Sound is missing?

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If you're facing issues with audio in your video interview, check out the following instructions:

  • First, check that the volume is turned on, and that the volume is fairly high. Sometimes the microphone is just fine, but the volume is turned off or muted. If youโ€™re applying for a job, you can test the audio easily by listening to video questions. If youโ€™re an employer recording video questions, you can test the audio by listening to music on your computer.

  • Check that you have no bluetooth devices connected to your device.

  • Make sure that no other app is using the microphone (e.g. Teams, Zoom) and close these apps.

  • Restart browser and device.

  • Remember that you can also record video answers with a mobile device (smartphone & tablet), no apps are required.

Google Chrome

  • Make sure that you have allowed both, camera and microphone, from the address bar:





Mac Settings

Check that the selected output is the correct one and the volume is not muted. You can access the sound settings from System Preferences -> Sound

Check also that the input is the right one and that you see the sound bar moving while speaking:


iPhone/iPad apps asks to allow the use of the microphone. If you have once declined the app to access the microphone, please check the following steps:

  • Allow the browser to access your camera and microphone when the browser asks for a permission. Choose 'Allow'

  • If you have not allowed the browser to access your microphone, go to your devices 'Settings' and choose 'Privacy'

    iPad/iPhone privacy settings
  • Open the microphone settings

  • Check if the app has allowed the use of the microphone

    iPad/iPhone microphone allowance

IOS 11

IOS 11 asks to allow the use of microphone. If you have once declined the app to access the microphone, please follow the steps below:


  • Open Settings

  • Check if Chrome has allowed the use of both camera and microphone


  • Open Settings

  • Check if Safari has allowed the use of both camera and microphone

External microphone is not working

You can use an external microphone on the website, just by choosing it from your browser. If you're unable to do so, please, disable the internal microphone from your computer's settings in order for the external microphone to work.

I still can't get it to work

You can also record your video responses to the interview on your own device and send them to us separately. We will upload the videos for the interview on your behalf. Sharing large video files with us can be done, for example, through Google Drive or WeTransfer.

Please label the videos clearly (e.g., Response 1, Response 2, Response 3) so that we can upload the responses to the correct question. Make sure that the link is public or that you have shared it with the email- address

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