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If you encounter an issue with the camera during a video interview, please check these first:

  • Make sure your device has a functioning camera.

  • Allow camera usage (if you accidentally clicked "Don't allow," go to "Enabling Camera Use: Chrome and Firefox Users").

  • Reload the website.

  • Restart your browser/device.

  • Ensure that the camera is not in use by another application (e.g., Teams, Zoom) and that the video interview is open in only one browser on one device.

  • Try opening the interview in a different browser.

  • Install the Chrome browser or Firefox and participate in the interview using that browser.

  • Try recording on a different device.

Possible hardware issue

In this case, we recommend checking that you have granted your browser permission to use the camera and microphone.

Once the camera and microphone settings are in order, we suggest restarting your browser.

Please make sure that no other application is using the camera/microphone. Also, ensure that the video interview is open in only one browser on one device.

Enabling Camera Usage: Chrome and Firefox Users

When you open the interview site through the link you received, the site will request permission to use your camera and microphone. Choose "Allow."

You can also grant camera and microphone access from the address bar.




Using an External Camera/Microphone

You can also use an external camera and microphone when recording. If your device doesn't activate automatically for some reason, you can enable it from your browser settings.

In some cases, you may need to disable the built-in camera/microphone in your computer's settings for the external device to function correctly.

iPad/iPhone, black screen

Problem: Black screen when opening the camera

iPhone/iPad apps needs permission to use the camera and microphone. If you have declined the app to access these, please try the following:

  1. Allow camera access

  2. Copy video interview link directly to the browser

1. Allow camera access

Camera & microphone access for Chrome and Safari browsers.


  • Open settings

  • Open Chrome settings

  • Allow camera and microphone access



  • Open settings

  • Open Safari settings

  • Allow camera and microphone access



2. Copy the video interview link to browser

Copy the video interview link from your email app. Paste it directly into the address bar of the browser instead of clicking on the link in the app. Sometimes opening a link directly, from example Gmail, can causes problems.

I still can't get it to work

You can also record your video responses to the interview on your own device and send them to us separately. We will upload the videos for the interview on your behalf. Sharing large video files with us can be done, for example, through Google Drive or WeTransfer.

Please label the videos clearly (e.g., Response 1, Response 2, Response 3) so that we can upload the responses to the correct question. Make sure that the link is public or that you have shared it with the email- address

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