SmartRecruiters: Integration setup
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Integration setup steps

To enable the integration, please follow the following steps.


  • You’ll need a Recright account. If you don’t already have one, Get Started

  • Your Smartrecruiters user needs Admin rights to connect the integration

  • You need an ‘Integration Key’ from Recright. Recright’s contact person will provide you with this key when you agree to set up the integration.

1. Go to SmartRecruiters settings page > select ‘Apps & integrations’

2. Find Recright in the list and select it. Click ‘Connect’

3. Review the permission related information and click ‘Allow and continue’. This will open the following popup.

4. Fill the form with the Integration Key you received from Recright and consent to the terms by clicking ‘I consent’. Finally click ‘Submit’.

5. If you see this screen, something went wrong with the integration setup process. You should try again and make sure you fill the Integration Key correctly. If the error occurs again you should contact Recright at

If everything works as expected, you should briefly see this screen and the popup should close automatically. The integration is now connected.

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