Network or Quality test keeps failing
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If you're taking part in a timed interview, you need to perform a Network and Quality- test to make sure that everything is working smoothly during your video interview.
If the testing phase keeps failing, we recommend to try the following steps:

If the network test fails:

  1. Click 'Test again'-button.

  2. The timed interview requires a stable Internet connection. We recommend to use WLAN connection, as it is generally more stable than mobile network.

  3. Make sure that your browser has been updated to latest version.

  4. Make sure that you have the interview open only in one tab.

  5. Restart the browser.

  6. Restart the device.

  7. Try with another browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Safari) or device. Remember to close the interview in the browser you're currently using.

  8. Try to use VPN- connection

If the quality test fails:

  1. Check that your device has camera and microphone.

  2. Check that you have granted permission for Recright to access both camera and microphone.

  3. Please speak during the hardware testing, so the test can measure the audio quality.

  4. Make sure you can see the video stream and you are in well-lit space.

  5. Try with another browser/device. Please close the browser window in the previous device.
    If the measures above are not solving the issue, the reason is most likely with the internet connection.

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