Get started with Recright ATS
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Welcome to use Recright ATS ! We're glad to have you onboard with us!

To help you kickstart your experience with Recright, we've put together a brief guide on how to get started.

First, login with your credentials at

If you haven't had the chance to register just yet, don't worry – we've got you covered with clear instructions on how to complete the registration process here.

How to run a recruitment process using Recright ATS​

  1. Create a new job ad on Recright dashboard by clicking 'Create new' in the Job Positions- section. ​

  2. Fill in the job information

    First, fill in the basic information about the job position, requirements, and the end date of the application round.

  3. Add employer video

    You can also add an employer branding video directly from your own device or video library.

  4. Fill in the information requested on the application form

    Specify which details are mandatory for the applicant to fill in on the job application. Name and email are always mandatory.

    You can also add a video question in the application phase. This will give you a more extensive understanding of the candidates at the application stage. You can choose whether the video question is required or optional.

  5. Save the job posting

    Click 'Save,' and after that, your job posting will be visible on the career page. In addition to this, you can also share the job posting on various social media platforms.

  6. Add colleagues to the recruitment team

    If you wish, you can add colleagues to the recruitment team by clicking 'Edit' -> 'Edit team' and entering your colleagues' email addresses. If your colleague doesn't have a Recright account yet, colleague will receive instructions via email on how to register.

  7. Introducing applicants to your colleague

    You can also introduce the applicant(s) to your colleague using the 'Introduce'- function. For the 'Introduce' function, there is no need to create separate Recright accounts. Instead, the recipient will receive a link that allows them to view the information and videos you have selected. The link is valid by default for a maximum of 10 days at a time, but this can be changed on a company level.

  8. Application Management

    You can manage job applicants' applications by using the recruitment stages available in Recright. If needed, you can also customize the stages on a per-position basis. For instance, you can select all applicants in the "Rejected" stage and send them a "No thank you"- message either via video or email.

    You can also add a video interview stage to the recruitment process. Just simply click "Video interview" to create a video interview. After the interview has been created, you can invite the selected candidates.

  9. Applicant Assessment

    You can assess the applicant's skills and qualities using a star rating in Recright. Recright automatically calculates the average rating for the applicant.
    You can also add your comments and write an evaluation of the applicant for yourself and the recruitment team to see.

    In addition, you can add tags to easily categorise applicants.

    The candidate's won't be able to view the comments/classifications.

  10. Applicant Communication

    You can communicate with applicants not only through regular email messages but also via video messages. For instance, you can send a customized "No thank you" -video to the applicant, providing feedback on their application.

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