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This support article provides guidance on how to effectively manage users in a multi-company environment.

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With Recright's Multi Company feature, you can use one profile to manage multiple companies or organizations. This is useful when you need to manage multiple branches, for instance.

If company/organisation has the multi company feature enabled, you can switch from one organisation to another by clicking the settings button in the top right corner, and choose "Organisation".

As a user, you can be a part of recruitment teams in different companies/organisations/branches. The company's admin can send you an invitation to join their user list within the company.

Remember to change the profile to the right company when creating a new video interview or job ad!

Super admin user can edit the following in all organisations:

  • Organisation Profile
    Admin user can set the default head banner, and logo for job ads/video interviews. You can also set default career site language, and career site URL (if you have job positions enabled)

  • Branding
    Admin user can adjust the visual layout of the interviews, job positions and career page.

  • Admin user can add or remove company's users, and manage their permissions.

  • Video Library
    Admin user can add videos to organisation's video library, and all users of the specific company can use the videos in their video interviews/job ads.

  • Statistics & Reporting
    Admin user can view statistics of the different branches. If you want to view all statistics at once, just download Excel- sheet from all of the companies separately, and create one sheet.

  • Admin user can manage pre-set settings for competencies and stages which are as a default in any job ads and video interviews in the future.

User management

When managing users from different companies, the User Management interface has been updated to provide clearer indications. If a user belongs to a different company, the label "External user" will be displayed alongside their email address. Additionally, instead of the option to deactivate external users, the action available is now "Remove from organization". This action allows external users to retain access to other companies while being removed from the current organization.

Removing users from company

Only user admins of the primary company can deactivate a user.
In other allowed companies, users can be removed from the organization, allowing them to maintain access to other companies.

Upon removal from the organization, the user will lose access to positions within the organization from which they were removed.

Hidden Positions

When accessing the Hidden Positions section in User Management, only positions/video interviews belonging to the current company will be displayed.

Exporting Users, Including External Users
The functionality to export all users now includes external users as well.

You can request the multicompany feature by contacting

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