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Teamtailor & Recright Integration guide
Teamtailor & Recright Integration guide
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With our Teamtailor integration, you can easily invite candidates to record a video interview on the Recright platform.

Important: If the integration isn’t enabled in your account yet, please follow the instructions under Setting up the integration first.

Using the integration

Prerequisites: Your Teamtailor user has to have at least ‘Hiring Manager’ role to use the integration. Hiring Manager enables you to create jobs (not publish), edit jobs and add triggers. You also need to have a Recright account.

You can view and edit roles in Teamtailor by selecting

-> Employees
-> Select a User
-> Settings
-> Role

  1. Start the process by creating a new video interview in Recright

    Log in to Recright by using your login credentials. Then click Create new and follow these instructions: How to create your interview in Recright.

  2. Activate a Recright Trigger in a Job in Teamtailor

    Create your Job in Teamtailor, and add a new Trigger to a stage (for example, the Interview Stage) by clicking the Triggers- button.

    Click "Add trigger" and "Send Recright Video Interview"

    Select the Recright interview you want this Job to be linked to:

  3. Inviting candidates to a video interview

    Move applied or added candidates to the video interview stage.

    Candidates will then be automatically emailed a video interview invitation by Recright and their Candidate Card will be updated.

    If you want to edit the default invitation email of Recright, log into Recright, select the interview, click "Edit" -> "Edit invitation email" and do the changes to the email. We recommend you to save your edited email as a template. More instructions here.

    Admin user can change the default invitation email in Organisation Settings.

  4. Reviewing candidate's answers

    Once the candidate has completed the interview, their candidate card will be updated and a link to view the completed interview will be added.

What personal data does Teamtailor send to Recright?

  • Candidate’s first name, last name, email address and phone number.

  • Note: Teamtailor does not save any personal data from Recright.

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