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SmartRecruiters & Recright Integration Guide
SmartRecruiters & Recright Integration Guide
Written by Milla
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Using the integration in SmartRecruiters

When the integration is connected, your Recright video interviews can be assigned as assessments to your candidates in SmartRecruiters.

Start the process by creating a video interview in Recright. Log in to Recright by using your login credentials. Then click 'Create new interview' and follow these instructions: How to create your interview in Recright.

It is important to edit each interview’s team and add all the users who should have access to view responses to this interview. You can edit the team by selecting an interview > Edit > Edit interview > Edit users Editing recruitment team

In SmartRecruiters, create a job and add a candidate to it.

Your Recright interviews can be found as Assessments in the candidate profile in the ‘Preferred’ tab.

Select the assessment you wish to order for this candidate. Once the interview is selected, a few things will happen:

  • Recright will email the candidate with an invitation to the interview

  • The assessment status in SmartRecruiters will be updated as ‘in progress’

If you want to edit the default invitation email of Recright, log into Recright, select the right interview, click "Edit" -> "Edit invitation email" and do the desired changes to the email. We recommend that you save your edited email as a template. Please note that templates can currently only be saved per video interview / position. More instructions here.

Once the candidate has completed their interview, the assessment status in SmartRecruiters is updated as ‘completed’. Link to the completed interview is saved as an attachment to the assessment.

Point of contact

To get support, contact Recright at (FIN, EN, SWE)

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