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What's New at Recright
What's New at Recright

Here you can find the latest updates of Recright

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Possibility to update candidate's job application (June 2024)

In some situations, an applicant may want to change the answers they provided on the job application. Now, a recruitment team member can edit the answers if necessary. You can find more information here.

Multi-Company (March 2024)

Managing multiple companies or organisations just got easier with Recright's Multi-Company feature! Now, you can utilise one profile to oversee various branches seamlessly. This functionality proves especially beneficial when handling multiple branches or organisations simultaneously. With just a few clicks, you can switch between different organisations effortlessly. You can find more information here.

Organisation-Specific Invitation Email Template (February 2024)

We've just rolled out a highly requested feature: Organisation-Specific Invitation Email Template!

Until now, you and your colleagues could create video interview-specific invitation email templates, but now you can design your organisation-specific invitation email template!

This allows you to:

  • Craft organization-specific email invitation templates with the right tone of voice and all essential instructions.

  • Simplify the invitation process using a default template, saving valuable time for recruiters.

  • Maintain a professional and consistent brand image for all candidate communications by customising email colors and fonts.

  • Generate versions of the templates in different languages.

We hope you enjoy this improvement!

New Candidate Languages (February 2024)

Recright has launched two new candidate languages; Korean, and Traditional Chinese!

Advanced Company Settings (February 2024)

With more advanced company settings, you can make changes to the following:

  • Disable introduce-feature in your company

  • Disable candidate messaging in your company

  • Minimal interview form set-up (only name & email address asked from the candidate)

  • Disable additional form fields in your company

Timed Video Interview Resetting of interview questions (January 2024)

Occasionally, candidates face technical challenges, like audio or video issues, leading to the necessity of resetting the video question. With recent enhancements to our product, you now have the capability to independently reset questions and send new invitations without relying on our Customer Support.

Resetting video questions in Timed Interviews is recommended in cases where candidates encounter technical problems. However, a mere desire to improve the video answer should not be a reason for allowing the candidate to retake the interview, to ensure fairness and equality in the process for everyone.

Find our Support- article here.

Comments can be shared in the Introduce- feature (December 2023)

​With this feature, you're able to share recruitment team's comments to your colleague or a customer.

Extended introduction link validity (December 2023)

Introduction link used to be valid as a default for 10 days, but now you can extend the validity of the link however you like!

Onboarding (December 2023)

Ensuring a successful onboarding experience for new employees is crucial for any company. A poorly executed onboarding process can lead to negative outcomes, while a well-planned and efficient process can have a significant positive impact.

In the current remote work environment, creating an engaging onboarding process can be challenging. At Recright, we recognize the importance of video in employee onboarding and see tremendous opportunities.

We're thrilled to extend an invitation to pilot customers who want to try out our video-based onboarding tool. Although the tool is still in its early stages, as a pilot customer, your role will be to test and provide valuable feedback to Recright so that we can improve it further.

Virtual Background (August 2023)

Virtual backgrounds for video interviews are a much-wanted feature by both the recruiters and the candidates, and you might have already found them in Recright.

We are pleased to introduce 28 different backgrounds to choose fromor to blur your background altogether. The feature is currently supported on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari, and we're working on bringing it to other browsers shortly.

Soon you will be able to upload a custom background such as your organization's logo or a photo of your office to enhance your employer brand. We will notify you as soon as this option becomes available.

Please note that at the moment, virtual backgrounds are not available on mobile phones or for embedded views, but we're actively working to support embedded views soon.

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